Abductors Stretches

Want to improve your mobility, lets start a 5 minute stretching routine.

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Individual Stretches

Wide-Legged Seated Forward Fold

Discover the Wide-Legged Seated Forward Fold, a yoga pose for enhanced flexibility in the inner thighs and hamstrings. Learn how to perform this stretch and experience the benefits today!


Frog Pose

Elevate your flexibility and promote optimal hip mobility with the transformative Frog Pose.


Pigeon Pose

Focused on hips and lower back, Pigeon Pose boosts flexibility, releases tension, and promotes overall well-being.


Cross-legged Stretch

Enhance hip and lower back flexibility with the Cross-legged Stretch. Sit comfortably, cross your legs, and gently lean forward for a soothing stretch.


Lying Crossover Stretch

Relax and improve lumbar and hip mobility with the Lying Crossover Stretch. Lie on your back, cross one leg over the other, and gently guide your knees for a soothing release.


Deep Squat

Adding the squat pose stretch to your fitness routine can enhance mobility and make squatting, lunging, and bending easier and more efficient.


Butterfly Stretch

Open up your hips with the Butterfly Pose. Stretch your inner thighs and groins for improved mobility and flexibility.