Abs Stretches

Want to improve your mobility, lets start a 5 minute stretching routine.

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Individual Stretches


The inchworm stretch is a dynamic exercise imitating an inchworm's crawl.



Cobra Pose, or Bhujangasana, strengthens the back, opens the chest, and enhances spine flexibility, posture, and lung function when done correctly and regularly.


Cat Cow

Cat-Cow Pose is excellent for warming up the spine, improving flexibility, and relieving tension in the back and neck.


Scorpion Chest Stretch

Open up your chest and enhance spinal mobility with the Scorpion Chest Stretch. Lift and arch, targeting chest, shoulders, and abs for improved flexibility.


Seated Forward Fold

The Seated Forward Fold, or Paschimottanasana in yoga, is a seated stretch where you extend your legs in front of you and fold forward from the hips.


Standing Side Bend Stretch

Enhance lateral flexibility with the Standing Side Bend Stretch. Target your torso's sides, promoting flexibility and relieving tension.