Pecs Stretches

Want to improve your mobility, lets start a 5 minute stretching routine.

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Individual Stretches


Cobra Pose, or Bhujangasana, strengthens the back, opens the chest, and enhances spine flexibility, posture, and lung function when done correctly and regularly.


Crab Pose

Discover the Crab Pose – a yoga posture that strengthens the upper body, improves flexibility, and enhances posture. Learn its benefits and how to perform it here.


Wall Pectoral Stretch

Enhance chest flexibility with the Wall Pectoral Stretch. Stand facing a wall, rotate away, and feel the invigorating stretch across your chest.


Scorpion Chest Stretch

Open up your chest and enhance spinal mobility with the Scorpion Chest Stretch. Lift and arch, targeting chest, shoulders, and abs for improved flexibility.


Pec Deck Stretch

Open up your chest with the Pec Deck Stretch. Seated or standing, improve chest flexibility for enhanced range of motion.