Ankles Stretches

Want to improve your mobility, lets start a 5 minute stretching routine.

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Individual Stretches

Deep Squat

Adding the squat pose stretch to your fitness routine can enhance mobility and make squatting, lunging, and bending easier and more efficient.


Calf Stretch Against the Wall

Improve ankle flexibility: Calf Stretch Against the Wall. Stand close, angle one foot against it for a targeted stretch, reducing tension.



Enhance ankle flexibility and find comfort in Seiza. This traditional sitting posture is beneficial for meditation and improves overall mobility.


Seated Heel Lift

Strengthen lower leg: Seated Heel Lift. Lift heels while sitting to enhance ankle flexibility and improve overall lower leg mobility.


Seated Plantar Fascia Stretch

Alleviate tension and improve foot flexibility with the Seated Plantar Fascia Stretch. Ideal for those with foot discomfort, it targets the plantar fascia for enhanced mobility.


Toe Sit

Improve ankle flexibility through the Toe Sit, a seated stretch that not only enhances ankle flexibility but also strengthens foot muscles and alleviates ankle stiffness.


Ankle Alphabet

Boost ankle mobility with the dynamic Ankle Alphabet. Improve flexibility for enhanced movement in sports and daily activities.