Warrior Twist

Click below to be guided through a 1 minute Warrior Twist stretch


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If you feel any pain during a stretch, stop immediately and consult a healthcare professional or physical therapist.

A person performing the Warrior Twist

Warrior Twist
Repeat for each leg/arm

Enhance strength and flexibility as you meld the grounding power of Warrior with a revitalizing spinal twist, promoting balance and opening through the chest and hips.

Starting position

  1. Start in a standing position at the top of your mat.
  2. Step your right foot back, keeping it parallel to the back edge of the mat.
  3. Extend your arms parallel to the floor, with your left knee bent directly over your ankle.


  1. Shift your gaze and torso towards the left side.
  2. Bring your right hand down to the inside or outside of your left foot, or to a block on the mat.
  3. Extend your left arm towards the ceiling, creating a twisting motion through the spine
  1. Ensure your shoulders are stacked over your hips.
  2. Keep the back leg straight and engaged.
  3. Maintain a steady and even breath throughout the pose.

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