Surfing Stretching Routine

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, our carefully curated guide is designed to enhance flexibility and optimize your performance on the waves.


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If you feel any pain during a stretch, stop immediately and consult a healthcare professional or physical therapist.

A person performing the Frog Pose

Frog Pose

Level up your flexibility with the Frog Pose – a powerful stretch to enhance hip mobility

Starting position

  1. Start on your hands and knees in a tabletop position


  1. Gradually widen your knees towards the edges of your mat, keeping your ankles in line with your knees.
  2. Turn your toes outward, pointing towards the edges of your mat.
  3. Lower your hips towards the ground, maintaining alignment with your knees and ankles.
  4. Gently press your pelvis back and down, feeling a stretch in your inner thighs and hips.
  5. You can either rest on your forearms or extend your arms straight in front of you, keeping your chest open.
  6. Hold the pose, focusing on your breath and allowing your hips to relax and open.
  1. Pay attention to the alignment of your knees and ankles. Keep them in line to ensure a safe and effective stretch for your inner thighs and hips.
  2. Whether you choose to rest on your forearms or extend your arms, find a comfortable position that allows you to relax into the stretch without strain.
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