Quad Stretching Routine

Comprehensive stretches targeting Quad to improve flexibility and mobility.


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If you feel any pain during a stretch, stop immediately and consult a healthcare professional or physical therapist.

A person performing the Kneeling Lunge

Kneeling Lunge
Repeat for each leg/arm

The Kneeling Lunge is a dynamic stretch that targets the hip flexors, quadriceps, and groin muscles. It involves maintaining one knee on the ground while stepping the other foot forward into a lunge position. This stretch helps improve hip mobility and flexibility in the lower body.

Starting position

  1. Begin in a kneeling position on the floor with one knee bent and the other leg extended behind you.
  2. Ensure your front knee is directly above your ankle and your back knee is under your hip.


  1. Shift your weight forward onto your front foot, feeling a stretch in the front of your hip and thigh.
  2. Keep your torso upright and avoid arching your lower back excessively.
  3. Hold the stretch for the time shown on the countdown, breathing deeply.
  4. When prompted, switch sides by bringing your back knee forward and stepping the opposite foot back into the kneeling lunge position.

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